Terms of Use

Welcome to the P.M.I. Trading & Enterprise Ltd website (hereunder: “the Website” and/or “PMI”) active at www.pmi.co.il. These Terms of Use (hereunder: “the Terms” and/or “Terms of Use”) define your rights and obligations while using the Website. Please read these terms carefully since they constitute a binding agreement between you and the Website.

By your activity on the Website or any of the additional services offered herein, you declare that you have the legal capacity to make use of the various services on the Website, including making payments through the use of the payment methods registered solely in your name.

In the case you are a minor (under 18) or you are not entitled to perform legal actions without a guardian’s approval, your use of the Website shall be deemed as if you received such guardian’s approval and PMI shall not be liable for any damage of any type caused in connection with your use of the Website.

The use of the Website and/or purchase through external links to the e-commerce ,attest to you consenting to these terms and the additional terms appearing on the Website and/or to appear during the use, including consenting to the privacy policy (all jointly: “the Binding Documents”). The Terms of Use are worded in masculine form solely for convenience purposes, and obviously also include women.

These terms apply to the use of the Website and the services contained herein on any computer or other communication device (such as a cellular telephone, PDAs of the various types). Similarly, they apply to the use of the Website, whether over the internet or any other network or means of telecommunication.


  1. Unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing, the terms set out hereunder shall constitute part of each transaction entered into between PMI and the Customer.
  2. The only binding terms shall be those set out herein and any other understanding, waiver or change shall not be valid without obtaining PMI’s written confirmation.
  3. PMI may from time to time, and without having to give the Customer prior notice before doing so, change the structure, appearance and design of the Website or any other aspect of the Website and the services included in it.
  4. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, PMI may at any time stop providing all or some of the services on the Website.
  5. PMI may from time to time amend the Website Terms of Use.
  6. The section headings have been included solely for the sake of convenience; they do not constitute part of the terms and will not serve as an aid to interpreting them.

Intellectual Property

  1. All intellectual property rights in the Website, including trademarks and logos, belong exclusively to PMI, or to other third parties who have authorized PMI to use them.
  2. The contents of the Website and no part thereof may be copied, changed, published, distributed, marketed, translated, processed or used for any commercial purpose, whether by the customer or through or in collaboration with a third party, in any way or by any electronic, computerized, mechanical, optical, photographic, audio or other technique, without obtaining prior written consent from PMI or the other proprietors, as the case may be, and subject to the conditions thereof (should any be stipulated).

Information Security

  1. PMI invokes reasonable technical and organizational precautionary measures to prevent loss, abuse or changes being made to the personal information, and implements information security systems and procedures on the Website. Although these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized hacking into the Website’s computers, they are not absolutely hack proof. Therefore, PMI does not undertake that the services on the Website will be absolutely immune to unauthorized access to information stored therein.

Links and Commercial Advertising Information on the Website

  1. Insofar as there are “Links” on the Website to other websites that are not managed and operated by PMI, PMI shall not bear any liability as detailed above in Sections 32-36.
  2. PMI does not undertake that all the Links found on the Website will work and lead to an active website. The mere fact that a given Link exists on the Website does not infer that the content of the linked website is reliable, complete or current, and PMI shall not bear any liability in connection thereto. The Links to the Website and from it will not be construed as an act of support or sponsoring, expressly or impliedly, by PMI, with respect to those other sources.

Privacy Statement

  1. PMI respects your privacy while using the Website. The Website’s updated privacy policy is at all times under the Terms of Use and constitutes an integral part of these Terms of Use. Since the privacy policy can change occasionally, it is recommended that you read the privacy policy document from time to time.


  1. No waiver or acquiescence in one case or in a series of cases shall be regarded as changing the conditions of an order, but only a written document signed by the parties.
  2. By not exercising a right granted to him by these terms a party shall not be precluded from subsequently doing so or be deemed to have waived that right.
  3. The laws of the State of Israel will govern this Terms of Use document. The authorized courts in the Central District will have exclusive and unique jurisdiction regarding any issue deriving from the provisions in this document, including but not limited to its interpretation, performance, enforcement and the parties relations.