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We believe in the power of play! For almost 30 years, PMI Kid’s World has been designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative toys, stationery, and collectibles that spark joy and creativity for kids and kids at heart!  

We are a globally recognized leader in children’s merchandise and toys, proudly setting the industry standard with high-volume, high-value offerings featuring the hottest and most beloved brands including Piñata Smashlings, Pudgy Penguins, Stumble Guys, Creature Cases, Gang Beasts, Sonic Prime and many more.

With a presence in over 132 countries, PMI Kids’ World has secured the rights to manufacture, market, and distribute our branded merchandise globally, holding licenses from celebrated brands, and leading the market with exceptional product lines.

Operating from our headquarters in Tel Aviv, our mission is to drive high-volume sales of low-cost toys, stationery, and collectibles for fans of all ages worldwide.  We are guided by our commitment to outstanding quality achieved through partnership with our long-term valued manufacturing partners who excel in their craft, and our alignment with outstanding distributors from around the globe who ensure our products are available in major retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, CVS, Macy’s, leading European and Asian toy chains, and independent retailers.

Our talented Product Development Team playfully captures the essence of our beloved brands to enhance the play experience and fan connection, all with a focus on innovation, quality, function, and safety. 

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Our journey began in 1997 with the launch of the SUPERGOAL line, featuring collector stickers and albums showcasing the world’s most incredible soccer teams and players. This pioneering venture quickly gained traction and established PMI as a trusted name in the market.

Our IMOJI line, boasting global exclusivity for Imoji products, was an epic success. Kids couldn’t resist our toys, suitcases, watches, pencil cases, and collectibles. PMI rapidly gained international recognition, garnering substantial media coverage and global brand awareness.

The PMI commitment to staying ahead of trends and delivering what kids desire most has remained unchanged, and we have evolved to expand our offerings.  Founded by Boaz Dekel, and still a family business today, PMI thrives on four key strengths:

Worldwide Merchandising Rights

Product Development Expertise

Manufacturing Excellence

Broad Global Distribution

Supporting Communities

PMI recognizes the importance of supporting communities, children and heritage through corporate contributions and volunteerism.  Each year, PMI prioritizes initiatives and aims to make a difference for the recipient organizations.


Our certified manufacturing partners are considered family at PMI. These relationships have been nurtured over decades to ensure unmatched quality with samples from every shipment tested to meet and even surpass, requirements for international standards.

With an ever-growing range of product types, we continue to partner with the best production manufacturers for various materials including plastics, plush fabric, metal alloys, paper, and cardboard to ensure we leverage the benefits of each partner’s expertise. 

Our factories proudly meet stringent workplace and product standards, including ICTI Ethical Toy Program,  SEDEX, BSCI, and ISO9001.


At PMI, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability.

As a responsible toy company, we are pleased to announce that we meet the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) standard, underlining our dedication to environmentally friendly practices.

Being FSC™ certified means ensuring that the wood used in our toys is harvested sustainably, with minimal environmental impact.

At PMI, we believe in creating fun and innovative toys that bring children joy and contribute to a greener, healthier planet.

Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future – because at PMI, being green is more than a label. It’s a promise to our planet and future generations.