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Piñata Smashlings

Piñata Smashlings are the inhabitants of the Piñataverse, a world of unimaginable wonders where anything is possible. There are hundreds of these cheeky little characters who explore the expansive and ever-growing world. But not everything is sweetness and light, as darkness looms with menacing Meañatas up to no good, turning Smashlings into bitter Bashlings. Luckily, there are Piñatas to help save the day!

Beyond the digital world, Piñata Smashlings extends the magic with an enchanting toy line! Embrace the vibrant Piñataverse and bring home the fun-filled adventures of these colorful characters.

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Featured Products

Pinata Smashlings 12-Pack Deluxe Box
Pinata Smashlings Blind Pod
Pinata Smashlings Huggable Plush
Pinata Smashlings Pinata Box
Pinata Smashlings Playset Rainbow Whale
Pinata Smashlings Plushie in a Window Box